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Welcome to the AIC Website.

The Adaptive Information Cluster is a cross-disciplinary research cluster that has been awarded €5.6 million by the SFI. The mission of the AIC is to integrate research on adaptive sensor networks, content extraction and adaptive utilization and to collaborate with industry partners and state bodies to develop applications in areas such as health management, dental research, traffic management, environmental monitoring and personalized retailing.

The Adaptive Information Cluster (AIC) brings together world-class researchers in chemistry, software engineering, electrical engineering and cognitive and computer science based in three renowned research centres.

Two of these centres are based in Dublin City University and one on University College Dublin.

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The Smart Media Institute (SMI) are based in UCD (University College Dublin) The National Centre for Sensor Research (NCSR) are based in Dublin City University (DCU) The Centre for Digital Video Processing (CDVP) are based in Dublin City University (DCU) The Adaptive Information Cluster


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